Beach-Ready Beauty

Beach-Ready BeautyJust because you’ll be hitting the waves this summer doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to do so without your signature face. Check out these awesome options for a long lasting look this summer.

Fixed Foundation

MAC is a well-known name in the makeup world. Covering pretty much every type of makeup, one of their top options this summer is the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. Free of oil and useable as both a foundation and a concealer, it’s a great option for a more permanent base that will also keep you looking cool without looking greasy.

Must-Keep Mascara

Of all the aspects of your look that should never smudge, it’s the mascara. Notorious for creating unflattering raccoon eyes, it becomes even scarier when water sports are involved. Improving their already legendary formula, Too Faced’s Better Then Sex Waterproof Mascara uses collagen to enhance the lashes while maintaining that dramatic flair no matter deep you dive.

Luscious Lips

Because most outside looks don’t employ intense lipstick color, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep a nice pink or rose going throughout the day. Beauty Bakerie offers just the trick with their Lip Whip brand of matte lip colors. Trending more toward natural lip hues, they are as subtle as they are substantial when it comes to surviving a dip.

Long-lasting Liner

For a more decorated eye, it’s impossible to go without some variation of eyeliner design. Often even more treacherous than mascara when introduced to water, there are specially designed liners that can take everything, including tears, chlorine and ocean water. Cherry Blooms’ 24 Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner offers continual protection as well as the precision required by so many of today’s eye designs.

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