Bathing Suit Body Types

Bathing Suit Body Types

Let’s face it, no matter how fit you are, not all bathing suits look good on every body type. Instead of heading out knowing you don’t look your best, wear what works to impress.

The Pear

Most women will fall under this category with a smaller bust and larger hips. Ideally, you want a swimsuit that balances out your body. Aim for a skirted bottom and a plunging neck to draw attention to your top rather than your bottom. Avoid boy shorts as these accentuate what you’re trying to hide.

The Hourglass

As an hourglass, these women are equally as curvaceous top and bottom with a thin waist. Ideally you’ll want a swimsuit that highlights the curves while still providing enough support. Asymmetrical designs that draw the eye to your favorite asset are the best. Avoid strings if possible since such small fabric can make your curves look too curvy and disproportionate.

The Pencil

Sometimes known as athletic, pencil builds are the opposite of the hourglass. Typically tall and lacking big curves, women that fall into this category should aim to show off the curves that are there so to create the image of a shapelier figure. Bold embellishments as well as tiny swimsuit bottoms create this impression. String ties are great because they allow for a much more adaptable and accurate fit.

The Guys

For guys, the rules are based around your height more so than cut. If you’re tall, get a pair of trunks that end right above the knees to balance out your torso. For short guys, find a pair that end around the mid-thigh. Skinny guys look best with bold patterns, and big guys rock solid colors.

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