2017 Summer Fashion

2017 Summer FashionWith the cool of spring quickly burning off, it’s time to prep for those lazy summer days with the trends that will be making their way across the world.

Seasonal Stripes

It’s no secret that beach manufacturers love stripes. From umbrellas to chairs, nothing embodies a lazy day of sunbathing more than a colorful collection of stripes. Whether you’re close to a beach or not, this year you are fully supported in bringing that stripped pizazz with you wherever you go.

Simple Sunshine

Summer has always been known for long, cloudless days and bright colors. However, if you’re looking for something more specific, yellow is the hot new color. Indoors or out, the sun will come out tomorrow, but why wait when you can have it today?

Sexy Shoulder

Asymmetry is on the rise with a large number of designers building tops and dresses that hang off one shoulder. Sexy yet refined, it’s a great way to show off part of your beach body without needing to hit the sand.

Waspish Waists

Though the actual circumference of the waist doesn’t matter, what does is showing off that you have one. Instead of the draping clothing of fashion trends past, belts, cinches and similar additions to clothing that show off the waist have made their return.

Legging Love

Though it never seemed they truly disappeared, Paris has declared that leggings are officially back in. From translucent tights made of lace to thicker options sewn from velvet, the color doesn’t matter so long as they hug you just right.

Trottin’ Trenches

When fashion designers brought khaki back this summer, they did so in a tremendous fashion by also bringing back the trench coat. Down to the feet or hanging only to the knees, it’s a must-have look in those areas where summer nights remain chilly.

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