The Shoes Make the Model

The Shoes Make the Model

Heels aren’t the only shoe a model can or should wear. In fact, heels are merely the icing on the cake for auditions and shows. It’s the shoes models wear off set that really make or break the performance.

A Variety of Heels

Even though you don’t need to wear heels all the time, you do need to at least have a few in your possession to bring to auditions. In addition, you need to know how to walk in these shoes. Unfortunately, walking in heels is not an innate ability – it takes a lot of practice. This is why you should have at least three different types of heels in your retinue. Of the three, make sure one is a stiletto. If you can walk in a pair of those, you can walk on any type of heel.


These shoes are your saviors. When you’re not modelling, you should be giving your feet much needed rest. Heels are terrible for the feet when worn for extended periods of time. They also wear you down physically, tiring you out before you even audition or during a show. Wear these when you’re waiting to go on as they are quick to get in and get out of, making them perfect for breaks.

Tennis Shoes

If you know you’re doing a lot of walking, never underestimate the power a good pair of comfortable shoes will bring you. Not only will you be able to move faster and more assuredly, you’ll suffer far less fatigue as you make your way from location to location. Remember, no one cares what you have on your feet when the cameras are off, so make the best of it.

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