Hygiene for Auditions

Hygiene for AuditionsNever underestimate the importance of hygiene when auditioning. Everyone at those interviews is trained to judge you as soon as you walk in the door. By entering the space clean and ready to go, you’ll be noted as a professional and already have the benefit of the doubt that you know what you’re doing, giving you an edge that, in any performance art, benefits your chances of landing a role.

Look First

The first thing anyone notices about you is how you look. How well put together you appear has an immediate influence on opinions floating around the judge’s bench. Your clothes should be ironed and fitted. Your hair should be clean and held back from your face in a stylish fashion. Nails should be trimmed and clean. If they’re painted, the color should be unassuming. Makeup should be neat and hardly noticeable. If you don’t know how to do makeup, don’t use auditions as your first attempt.

Smell Second

Because odors take a few seconds more to register in the nose, it can come as either a pleasant or rather disgusting surprise when your scent does eventually waft over. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that any possible bad smells are eliminated prior to the audition. This is especially important if your ride a bike to get around. Even a small sweat can have disastrous consequences. Make sure you shower the day of, and if you do bike to the audition, don’t bike in the clothes you’re auditioning in. Head to the bathroom and use a wet towel to wipe away sweat. Wear deodorant and make sure your mouth is clean. Brushing isn’t enough. You’ll want to floss regularly as any food left between the teeth causes horrible breath.

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