The First Walk

The First WalkIt’s every performer’s dream to take to the stage for the first time. Instead of a background model, however, you’re walking down the runway, starring in your own portion of a fashion show. A big responsibility, it’s a moment that could make or break your career. Here’s how you turn it into a star addition to your portfolio.

Perfect Practice

They say that practice makes perfect but this is only a half truth. If you want to perform at an elite level, there can be no mistakes. Everything must come off perfectly and effortlessly. This is why during your practice runs, you should always aim to do everything without error. Messed up the turn? Try again. Slip during the walk? Start over. With this method, you cultivate a performance that exemplifies you as a professional that respects the time and talent put into the event.

Stay Trim

Just because you have a scheduled show does not mean you can let your figure go. If anything, it means you need to work harder to make sure your body is picture perfect as you make your way down the runway. Like with bodybuilders, it takes about six weeks to go from an off season body to a stage ready physique. This includes upping the activity level and maintaining a strict diet.

Have Fun

As a final word of advice, never forget to remember why you got into modeling in the first place. While you certainly work hard to be the best, the best work comes from those that truly enjoy the experience as a whole. If things are getting too stressful, do a silly walk and practice absurd poses. Smile and otherwise take satisfaction and pride from the time and effort you’ve put forth leading up to this day.

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