Mastering the Callback

Mastering the CallbackWhat is a callback?

In any performing art, there are auditions. These are where you put your best foot forward in the hopes of interesting the project leaders enough to hire you. When they end up liking more than one person for a job, they hold a second audition, formally known as the callback. It’s at this that you are paired against the other runner ups in a bid for being cast.

What do you do?

Typically there is no prep work for the callback itself. You are simply asked to return and then perform whatever actions they ask of you better than anyone else there. This is done so that all auditioning are on equal footing and can show off innate talent. While there, do what the directors ask to the best of your ability. Sometimes it will be complicated, other times it will be to simply stand and smile before you’re taken back off stage.

What can you expect?

Expect other people there that are all vying for the same gig you are. Be courteous and cordial to everyone there since you might run into them again at later gigs. Expect the judges to be curt and very straightforward about what they want from you. Expect that they very well may ask you to do something then stop you in the middle of the action. Expect to get little to no feedback in regards to how you’re doing compared to everyone else there. Regardless of this, never fail to give it your all so that you walk away feeling proud of yourself and not wishing you had done something differently.

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