Working the Runway

Working the RunwayIn every art, there are styles practiced by all and mastered by few. Though often used as signatures by different models, how one walks down a runway and turns is also a style choice that can be based on the type of outfit being worn or the show being performed at.


The Crossover

Great for when you’re in a tight skirt, the crossover is not one to be attempted by models with poor balance. While the hips remain centered, the legs come forward and slightly over to the opposite direction, creating an elongated crossover of the legs.

The Grunge

When you’re in a show or outfit that needs big attitude, nothing screams “look at me” more than the grunge walk. Taking long steps forward, the weight of your body is shift from one side to the other to create a dramatic hip sway and even more dramatic steps.


One and a Half

Great for models that choose to offer the audience an encore, the one and a half allows audience members two chances to take in the look. At the end of the runway, you pose for the audience then turn and head back. Halfway down the catwalk, you turn forward, walk back to the front, pose again, and then do a final turn to walk back to the stage.


Not as dramatic as the one and a half, the full turn, like the crossover walk, is one that relies on balance to pull off correctly. Halfway down the runway, you place your feet so that you can pivot around in a full circle before completing the journey to the end of the runway. Walking back, you do one more full turn before heading to the stage.

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