Strong Resolutions

Strong ResolutionsAs the new year begins, so, too, does our focus on reflecting over the past year coupled with preparing for the new year. As you face down the end of 2016 giving way to the opportunity of 2017, don’t take your resolutions lightly. Instead of aiming for a lofty dream that’s near impossible to reach at your current level, plan smart so that your new year turns out to be one of measurable progress.

Be Realistic

If you are just starting out as an actor, don’t make winning an Oscar in 2017 your resolution. While a great goal to ultimately aspire to, it’s unrealistic based on your current skill level and situation. Instead, aim for something that isn’t so far away. Resolve to be cast in x number of shows. Resolve to audition for more types of performances. Resolve to practice more. All are doable and still push you to your dream without leaving you depressed next December.

Be Specific

Never be too general with your resolutions. Exercising more is not a plan. It’s a statement. Exercising three times per week is an achievable goal. While you shouldn’t be too specific, you should be specific enough so that the goal is something that can be tracked. This will then fill you with a sense of accomplishment that spurs you to keep going.

Be Ambitious

While resolutions should be achievable, they should also be lofty enough that you’ll need to push yourself to reach them. Success is hard work, and if you want to one day reach the top, you’ll need to make sure that one goal achieved doesn’t mean you get the rest of the year off. What it should mean is that you now get to move to your next goal ahead of schedule.

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