2016 Winter Fashion and Trends

2016 Winter Fashion and TrendsWith winter arriving in full force, it’s time to start dressing for the colder weather. If you’re planning to look your best this year, here are the trés chic trends sweeping the fashion industry this season.


Starting with the most casual haute couture, hoodies are in style this year. No matter the material and no matter the design, it seems comfort is a part of this year’s look.


Once out of style, velvet is now back in. Soft and highly versatile, velvet has reemerged as a power material that is being shaped and used for a variety of pieces, including coats, dresses and pants.

Metal Details

Though minimal, metal details are nevertheless becoming important aspects to tie a look together. Most are being used as clasps though occasionally longer, gaudier pieces of metal make their way onto an ensemble.


Pinstripes have always been cool, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always been in fashion. Luckily, this winter is your year if you’re a fan of suits with stripes. Vertical or diagonal, stripes are in.


Women with long necks will rejoice to hear that chokers are now back in season. However, it should be said that the most fashionable chokers are those that are loud and cover almost all of the neck.

Embellished Guitar Straps

For purses, invest in a style that comes with a big strap that is overly decorated. While the actual handles used to carry the purse remain plain, having the accent strap is a must.


In winter, any type of covering is appreciated. Luckily, this year comes with smaller cover ups as well. While large coats will always be fashionable simply because of their practicality, capelets allow those in warmer climates to keep cozy without having to bundle up.

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