TV Commercial

  • The TV commercial industry is a multi-billion dollar business
  • According to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), commercials represent half of the total income of all actors
  • Actors make as much money acting in commercials as they make acting in movies and television combined
  • Only 10% of the actors make fifty percent of the money
  • Success can be achieved with five major qualities
    • Normal physical features
    • A degree of talent
    • Incredible amount of determination
    • Training
    • Knowledge
  • A successful TV commercial career can lead to television and film roles 

WHAT IS A “PRINCIPAL”?  A principal actor appears in a commercial in which the actor can be recognized or identified. Usually an audition is conducted for principal roles, whether they are speaking parts or not. 

WHAT IS AN “EXTRA”? An extra actor is used to fill in the backgrounds and/or the busy parts of a scene. Opportunities for being an extra can be found on your local state film commission website, student film projects, local acting publications, local newspapers and film industry websites.

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