Dinner Dash

Dinner DashIt is inevitable. No matter how clean we keep our diets at home, we will be forced to eat out at some point. Maybe we’re traveling for auditions. Maybe we’re on location completing a job. No matter, there is no excuse to not continue to eat healthy when away from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Pack Smart

If you’re truly dedicated to controlling your meals, pack food. Flights don’t prevent you from bringing meals and road trips are a free for all. However, because you’ll be away from your kitchen, you will have to focus on foods that are (mostly) nonperishable. For protein, tuna and chicken snack packs are the best. For carbs, freeze dried veggies are amazing. If you know you’ll have a small cooler or can bring a small cooler with you, refrigerated veggie snack packs will be a necessity. For fats, invest in healthy veggie dips, like hummus.

Eat Smart

Should you not bring food, you will be at the mercy of what restaurants are in your area. Luckily, most now do serve better options. When placing your order, you don’t have to study the menu inside and out, just choose those things that you know are better for you. Grilled foods are healthier than fried. Veggies are healthier than grains. Water is better than every other liquid. As for fats, it’s safe to assume that what you order will already come cooked in some sort of fat, so there’s no need to worry about supplementing that part of your diet.

In truth, eating healthy while traveling is not hard. It’s super easy, but it’s also not glamorous and can feel underwhelming when faced with all of those deliciously unhealthy choices. Remain strong, though, and you’ll have no trouble maintaining your look.

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