The Perfect Pose

The Perfect PoseWhile every pose is different for every model, that’s not to say every pose is perfect. Even if you feel like pushing the conventions of current posing to really bring out your inner fire on camera, there are still tried and true methods you should know about to ensure your bold beauty doesn’t turn out to be an disturbing dud.

Nurture the Neck

Your neck is a part of your overall beauty. When tucked away, we look downright ugly. Regardless of what you do with your shoulders, always make sure your neck is visible. Practicing elongation is the best way to figure out how to always include the neck without making it look unnatural.

See Past the Camera

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When people look at a photo of you, they should be able to see a fire in your gaze. To achieve this, though, you, yourself, have to create an intensity during your shoot. Don’t just stare off into the direction the photographer points to. Look at that direction and find an emotion to shoot at it using your eyes alone.

Keep the Limbs Out

When you hug your limbs to your body, it pushes the skin and muscle outward, creating a larger appearance. Instead, use one of the best tricks of the trade by holding your limbs slightly away. This will keep your look slim through optical illusion.

Relax Your Hands

Though given little focus, the hands are actually incredibly important parts of a photo. Keep them relaxed at all times. Ideally you’ll want to practice keeping the fingers rounded and never showing the camera the backs of the hands. Sides of hands create interesting shapes and lines.

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