Building Your Acting Resume

Building Your Acting ResumeYour resume is a veritable offshoot of your audition. This list compliments the talent you exhibit on stage and also further emphasize other parts about you. It outlines your breadth as a performer in terms of play ages and characterizations, it speaks to your ability to continually land roles and it highlights any achievements that can draw the attention of casting directors. Even so, many an actor can feel more intimidated by putting together an acting resume than actually acting.


If pressed for time, the internet is strewn with resume templates to download and fill out. These are great guides for absolute beginners as they have all of the basics. That being said, don’t be afraid to play with it a little if your skill section is still slightly larger than your performance experience section. Make sure the font is easy to read (black ink on white or off white paper) and keep it to one page. The easier it is to read by the judges, the happier they’ll be.


When filling out your resume, focus on relevant experience. While it was great you landed the lead of the school play 20 years ago, a lot has happened since then, and there’s no telling if you’re still able to carry a show. In the land of performance, the biggest and most recent roles serve as the best examples of your capabilities. If just starting out, fill in whatever acting experience you have and bolster this with skills that can be useful on stage. Dance, voice, puppetry and even juggling are potential ways to put yourself above your competition even if you’re auditioning for your second play ever.

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