A Model’s Portfolio

A Model's PortfolioLike the actor and their roles or an artist and their paintings, a model must have a portfolio. A showcase of all of their best work, it is a resume of potential designed to sell the model by catching the eyes of the agents. Build one correctly, and you’ll find yourself hired in no time.

Know Thyself

Before you even begin looking through your photographs, know what type of model you are. Much like a book needs a common plot to make sense, so, too, does your portfolio. By this point, you should have a wide selection of types of modeling and know the one that suits your strengths. Whether it’s commercial or fashion, do what you do best to get a foot in the door.

Be Versatile

Don’t have just one look. Have many. Fill your resume with just as much. Convey a rainbow of emotion. Include a variety of types of shots, like headshots and beauty shots. Wear different outfits. Showcase different make up designs. Tell a story with your portfolio so that the agents understand you aren’t just some one-trick pony. Show them you have the talent necessary to realize their artistic vision.

Focus on the Few

Keep it simple. Even though you have 20 shots that make you look better than at any point in your life, less is more. While exhibiting your potential, a model’s portfolio is also there to simply show those hiring that you’re pretty and you have an attractive body shape. Because of this, only go for 6 to 12 amazing photos. More can be added once you begin booking gigs. Much like acting, anyone can get attention by screaming loud enough, but only the truly talented can hold attention standing still.

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    I am a graduate of John Casablanca, Newton, MA circa 1998

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