Clothes Shopping Etiquette

Clothes Shopping Etiquette In our on-going series of shopping etiquette blogs, we will tackle the “do’s and don’ts” of shopping.  See our tips below on how to be a considerate clothes shopper!

  • Be polite and patient (especially at check-out)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Your sales associate really does want to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Avoid taking beverages or food into the dressing room – it’s an accident waiting to happen
  • Be respectful of the clothes and try not to leave deodorant residue or makeup on the garment when putting it on and taking it off

How many times have you entered a dressing room only to see clothes piled up all over the floor or bench? This occurs when a previous shopper is lazy, inconsiderate and just plain messy (imagine what their bedrooms look like!). Another reason is that the sales associates are so busy with customers they haven’t had the time to go into the dressing rooms and do “recovery”.

Once you are done trying on clothes, please shake the garment, re-hang is on the hanger and either return it to the special area just outside the dressing rooms or better yet, put it back on the rack where you originally found it. If the price tag comes off, be sure to hand the garment to a sales person so they can reattach it to the garment.

Today, most stores encourage you to take their store survey. This is the store’s way to better understand if they have provided you with great customer service. Providing you were satisfied with your shopping experience, your sales associate that helped you will truly appreciate your positive feedback. It’s important to be honest in the surveys and if you weren’t satisfied, let the store know so they can improve and possibly offer coaching to the sales associates so that you next experience is a positive one!

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