New Beauty Buzzwords

New Beauty BuzzwordsThanks to Women’s Day, March 2016, for defining these new beauty buzzwords!

FACIAL AID  – You’ll find this word in everything from cleansers to creams, specialty masks and treatments. These aids contain glycolic acid which aids in collagen production; salicylic unclogs pores and hyaluronic traps water to help hydrate.

HAIR OIL – In shampoos, conditioners and deep treatments, even styling products like hairspray. Hair oils contain fatty acids to seal and condition hair. Try coconut oil if your hair’s textured, argan oil if it is dry or marula oil if you have fine hair.

BLUR TECHNOLOGY – This is one of our favorites! You’ll see it on primers, foundations, setting powders and bronzers. The light-diffusing particles in these products help even out skin tone and reduce the look of fine lines and blemishes.

BEAUTY TIP:  Jessica Scantlin, director of artistry for Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge, suggests taking your concealer and lightly dab it under eyes, then tap out toward your hairline in an upward motion. The halo of the softer tone reflects light and makes your eyes appear less droopy.

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  1. Hair Care says:

    I also agree using coconut milk as deep conditioners. It can replace expensive deep conditioning salon treatments. It also has antibacterial properties that fights fungal infections.

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