First Impressions And Your Image

First Impressions And Your ImageNo doubt you’ve heard that you only have ONE CHANCE to make a great, first impression! Did you know that 90% of that impression is based on how you are dressed? In some cases, it may not be fair but the reality is if you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself and thus make a better impression.

Here are some simple ways to always look your best!

  • Clothes should be well-fitting and enhance your body type
  • Clothes should always be clean and pressed
  • Clothes should be free from rips, tears, hole or frayed hems (remember, even though it may be ‘fashionable’ now, it’s doesn’t lend to making you look your best
  • Clothing colors or patterns should be coordinated and complimentary to your body type and skin tone
  • Don’t over accessorize! Too much jewelry is distracting
  • Shoes should always be clean and polished. No run down heels or holes in the soles
  • Save your animal prints for home
  • Don’t wear pajama pants in public
  • Very few women can or should wear mini or micro-mini hemlines
  • Proper undergarments are a must and shouldn’t be seen
  • No chipped nail polish or one-inch fingernails

Pay attention to your grooming habits, update your wardrobe when necessary and clean out your closet of anything that doesn’t make you look fabulous! Be sure to donate those unwanted clothes to a local charity to help someone else make a great first impression!

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