“Me, My Hair, and I”

"Me, My Hair, and I"If you’ve ever wondered why a long string of protein absorbs so much of our attention, then pick up Elizabeth Benedict’s new book, ME, MY HAIR, AND I. Ms. Benedict and other authors explore women’s unique relationship with their hair. “Hair matters because it’s always around, framing our faces, growing in, falling out, getting frizzy, changing colors – in short, demanding our attention: Comb me, wash me, relax me, color me! It’s always there, conveying messages about who we are and what we want! The book is most thought provoking and a must-read for anyone who has ever dealt with frizz, mothers insisting we get a haircut, fathers insisting we not, hair envy or hair disasters. In short, all of us!” (Publisher, Algonquin ($16.95) and ebook available.)

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  1. Hair Care says:

    I have the book and I was greatly inspired by it. The book is unique and contains a lot of thoughtful essays. It conveys everything from self-image and sexuality to cultural values and interpersonal relationships

  2. petite wig says:

    Thank you for sharing. I would love to read this book.

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