Makeup Counter Etiquette

Makeup Counter EtiquetteWe love going to the makeup counter and checking out what’s new and experimenting with new products. If you want to make the most of your time at the makeup counter, we suggest observing the following suggestions for makeup counter etiquette!

Stores like Ulta and Sephora are somewhat self-serve but there are select employees who are available to assist you and even demonstrate makeup on you.

Department stores are an all-together different story. Their counters have brand experts who have received intensive training on the brand’s products. They are paid on commissions, bonuses and raises based on counter sales. It’s important to understand that they are there to help you select the right products in their brand so that you will be happy with your selection and become a repeat customer.

So, a few suggestions in order to receive the very best service from the experts!

It’s not necessary to arrive at a makeup counter bare faced but if you plan on experimenting or wanting an expert to apply makeup, the less makeup you have on the quicker the process and less chance of error in selecting foundation and blush shades.

The experts try their very best to sanitize the testers and brushes after each use. However, it’s not always possible so don’t use the counter brushes or testers without asking for them to be sanitized. If not, it’s an excellent way to get an eye or lip infection! Ew!

NEVER put your fingers into a counter tester! It’s just gross and becomes contaminated when you do this. The tester has to be damaged out and a new tester put on the counter. This costs the store and the brand unnecessary expense.

Don’t be ‘one of those’ individuals who consistently ask for samples when you don’t intend to purchase those products. Only ask for the samples of the products you are considering purchasing.

Don’t be rude or demanding. Always ask before helping yourself and please don’t move different products around on the counter.

Don’t offer a tip! Department store cosmetic salespeople are not allowed to accept tips. Instead, buy one of their products.

Try not to wait until you’ve completely run out of your favorite product before heading to your local makeup counter. If the brand is out of your particular product, ask if the salesperson can order it for you. At the very least, ask if you can leave your name and number so she/he can call you as soon as the new product arrives in the store. No temper tantrums at the counter because your product is out-of-stock (please).

Be patient at a busy counter and always remember to say please and thank you!

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