Self Taping Your Auditions – Every Actor Should Know How!

Self Taping Your Auditions - Every Actor Should Know How! In today’s world, casting directors cast from locations all over the globe, not just in Hollywood. They work with many agents who will often provide a taping service to their talent. If you don’t have an agent, we strongly suggest you get one. It’s impossible for an actor to be totally plugged into audition opportunities and it is extremely difficult to self-market yourself. If you do not currently have an agent, you need to learn about self-taped auditions.

A simple, clear-taped audition of excellent quality is what casting directors need. Avoid “short films” with exterior locations, supporting actors or a musical soundtrack) as those additional elements distract from what a casting director needs to see – you interacting with an off-screen scene partner. Keep it simple. Three minutes is the recommended time for an audition tape unless the breakdown states differently.

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