“Girlfriend” Jeans

"Girlfriend" JeansThink of girlfriend jeans as schlumpy boyfriend jeans, on a diet. They’re just as comfortable, only cuter.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM? Anyone! Girlfriend jeans are relaxed but not sloppy. The sleeker silhouette eliminates the boxiness that’s typical with boyfriend jeans.

HOW SHOULD THEY FIT? They should be a bit roomy but not slouchy or hanging off your hips. They should not cling to the curves of your body.

WHAT DO I WEAR WITH THEM? Shoot for “not trying too hard chicness”. Essentially you can wear casual to dressy with the jeans.

ROLLED CUFFS 101 – Jeans with rolled up cuffs are BACK! NOTE: Pegging – the right rolling from the 80’s is NOT back – very passe! Fold the hem upward about ½ inch. Repeat once or twice more until the rolled cuff hits about an inch or two above your ankle. Remember, you aren’t going for a ‘capri’ look – keep it around your ankle. Cuffs that look a bit off-kilter will look effortless and cool.

Trivia Note: In 1984, the very famous fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent said “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

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  1. Sounds Good! I will update these comfortable jeans in my store!

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