Your Teeth Are Priceless

Your Teeth Are PricelessTreated with care, they enhance your looks and serve you well. Neglected, they not only lose their luster, but they decay. Having that dental check-up once or twice a year is essential. Follow the below tips to insure good dental health:

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Sweets are sure to ruin all your teeth. Teeth are defenseless against the lactic acid formed in your mouth when you eat sugary foods. Apples increase your saliva, a natural mouthwash. Raw vegetables contain mineral salt which also cleanses. Brush your teeth after every meal. If you can’t, rinse your mouth with cold water.

PLAQUE: Even if you never touch sugar, your teeth are bound to collect some of that awful whitish yellow stuff, the demon of the dental world-plaque. Plaque is made of food, bacteria and acid which can burn a hole right into your tooth! Plaque takes 12-24 hours to form, so if it’s removed during this time period, not enough of it can collect to do any damage to your teeth or gum tissue. Remember to brush after every meal and use dental floss!

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