Makeup Counter Hygiene

Makeup Counter HygieneThere have been many extensive studies on public makeup testers and the results show staph, strep, and even E. coli bacteria on makeup testers, and on Saturdays, the percentage of contamination on tester products was 100 percent.

It isn’t possible to avoid makeup counter germs all together but we hope the following tips will minimize your chances of picking up a nasty infection!

  • ALWAYS use sample products that don’t require finger dipping. Squeeze bottles of creams and lip glosses are always a better alternative to lotion jars or pots of lip gloss.
  • NEVER use shared brushes, and always opt for disposable applicators instead. Don’t double-dip with your applicators. Each dip should always be with a new, clean applicator.

Studies showed that cosmetics used around the lips, eyes, or nose are the worst, resulting in the spread of afflictions like cold sores, conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Therefore, avoid any products that must be directly applied to the nose, eyes, or mouth, especially mascara.

If you don’t see rubbing alcohol or disposable applicators, ask for them, and don’t be afraid to ask for individual samples as well. Just because they’re not out on the counter doesn’t mean they’re not available.

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