Spring Fashion Trends 2011

Spring sees a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s!Spring 2011 fashion trends

 This Spring, the clothing styles accentuate your curves and femininity. Bold, bright colors such as pink, orange, purple, turquoise, neon yellow, lime and emerald green (not necessarily worn all together!) If wearing one of the bright colors, remember to wear the most flattering color next to your face and go with neutral shoe colors. 

Styles such as maxi dresses, lace, tassels, bell bottoms, wide leg pants, Capri pants, stripes, motorcycle fashions, cat eye glasses, including bright colored eyeglass frames,  belt purses, kitten heels and clogs with heels and sheer fabrics are all hits this Spring. 

Remember that even though a particular type of style is in fashion, if it doesn’t look good on you don’t wear it! Always wear clothing that flatters your figure and colors that compliment your skin tones. Use accessories to update your wardrobe and last but not least, wear your clothes with confidence! In other words, you should ‘wear the clothes’ and not let the clothes wear you!

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