1. TOP 10 TIPS FOR HOLIDAY DRESSING You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look fabulous at holiday parties
  2. All stores sell party dresses year round. Keep your eyes open for a great deal and simply store the dress for later in the year.
  3. Holidays are the time to sparkle and shine – look festive
  4. Buy a basic black skirt, dress or slacks – dress them up by interchanging jackets, blouses or sweaters
  5. Satins and velvets in bold, jewel tone colors are dramatic and glamorous
  6. Bring out your bold jewelry – remember if you wear one big piece, go small somewhere else
  7. Take a basic black fabric heel and embellish with clip on rhinestone or faux jeweled earrings or small jeweled appliqués
  8. Remember your hand bag – small and smaller are required. You can find great buys at the discount stores in all shapes and colors
  9. You will want to go more bolder than you normally do. If you opt for dramatic, metallic eye makeup, remember to go with a more natural, toned down color on your lip. If you go with a red lip, tone down your eye makeup.
  10. Make sure to get rest during the holiday season, hydrate and enjoy!
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