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Breaking In New Runway Shoes

New shoes are the best. Nothing is more exciting than getting to head out in a new pair and strut your stuff on the runway. However, the blisters that come with new shoes almost make it regrettable. Almost. Luckily, your … Continue reading

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Online Portfolios: The Dos and Don’ts

Online portfolios are the modern man’s business card. Accessible to anyone with an internet connection and able to house your entire body of work, it’s one of the best ways to catch the eye of a possible employer. However, not … Continue reading

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Learning a New Skill for a Role

All great actors embrace learning. Accents, physical feats, and languages are all par for the course. If you’ve been cast in a role or are auditioning for one that requires you to learn a new skill or language, here’s how … Continue reading

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Standing Out in an Audition

There are a lot of artists out there and you’re just one more in a sea of hundreds of thousands. Each one of you is vying for that next gig and the audition is where the rubber meets the road. … Continue reading

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Different Roles and Staff on Set

Filming anything, even something as simple as a commercial, is a huge undertaking requiring the expertise of a lot of people. Here’s who you’ll see on set. Director The director is the person in charge on set. They manage everyone, … Continue reading

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