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Modeling Call Bag

A professional is always prepared, and modeling is no different. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the field, know that your preparation comes in the form of a bag and its contents. Your Updated Book Also referred to as … Continue reading

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Fashion Week: What Is It?

Nowadays, fashion week is a huge party thrown globally in all of the major fashion capitals of the world. From Paris to Los Angeles, models strut the latest looks of celebrated clothing designers to celebrities and press. But how did … Continue reading

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Can You Model with Tattoos?

It’s a question with a very important answer. After all, nearly 50% of the population sports a tattoo. So, with a one-in-two chance you’re sporting some ink, is it even possible to forge a career in modeling when ads and … Continue reading

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Child Acting

Your child is dead set on acting, but they are pretty young, meaning they’ll rely on you for the majority of their support in this venture. Do you agree to it? Do you tell them to wait until they’re 18? … Continue reading

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