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Goal Setting

Important in every aspect of your existence and desire to succeed, goal setting is a tried and true art that has served the betterment of mankind. The stronger your ability to wield this talent, the more success you’ll find in … Continue reading

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Best Motivational Instagrams to Follow

Instagram, for all its models and memes, is actually an incredible place to cultivate inspiration and motivation. With summer here and New Year’s goals finally seeing fruition, here’s how to keep yourself focused while you have fun in the sun. … Continue reading

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Neon Trend: How to Style and Wear It in Fashion and Beauty

Neon doesn’t have to be an avoided color, and now that its various shades are showing up across fashion runways around the world, it’s time to learn how to wear it responsibly before investing in this year’s color scheme. Avoid … Continue reading

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Tips for Summer Skin Care

Embrace the sun, but keep the tanning to a minimum. While the warmth feels great on the skin and boosts vitamin D production, it can also lead to early wrinkles and age spots when not enjoyed responsibly. Protect your glow … Continue reading

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2019 Summer Fashion for Men

On the surface, it might seem men only have a choice between khakis or board shorts and polos or a fitted t-shirt, but the deeper you dig into men’s fashion, the more variety you realize there actually is from season … Continue reading

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