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Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow How To

Perfect for those with medium to heavy folds over the eyes, the cut crease is the latest and greatest eyeshadow technique. Named because of how it defines the crease by using a contrasting color to cut across the fold, here’s … Continue reading

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Nail Trends 2018

From the runway to the home, nail trends this year proved to run the gamut of possibilities. Single Accent Across the countless designers, one of the most popular looks was to have one color across all the nails and then … Continue reading

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How to Break into the Industry past your 30s

They say it’s never too late to pursue what you love. What they don’t tell you is how difficult it is to make a late-in-life change, regardless of the industry. However, don’t fret that you’ve lost out on your youth … Continue reading

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Pantone Colors 2018

Begun in the 1950s as a commercial printing company, Pantone evolved to become the world leader in color matching, developing a system used by brands of every industry across the globe. Ever since 2000, they have declared a color of … Continue reading

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