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How to Cuff Shirts

A universal look that indicates work is about to be done, the cuffed shirt has since transformed into a fashion statement for those that aren’t actually going to be doing any hard labor but still want to appear active. It’s … Continue reading

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How to Practice Improv

Practicing improvisation is no different than practicing anything else. With time, diligence and hard work, you can become gifted at the art of creating live performance on the spot. Find a Teacher Just getting together with your friends to practice … Continue reading

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Natural versus Stage Makeup

There is a big difference between natural and stage makeup. Where one is to be enjoyed in natural lighting, the other must be bold enough to be seen from across a room as you are showered in very intense lighting. … Continue reading

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Ways to Connect with a Scene Partner

We all dream of the perfect partner. Emotionally you connect and the energy is passed back and forth on stage as if you were soulmates. The reality, however, is much different. Instead of instant clicking, there’s a lot of awkward … Continue reading

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