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What to Expect to be asked in a Modeling Call Back

They’re definitely going to ask you to walk. That’s a given. But what are some other areas you’ll be called out on when you go in for the next step of the audition? Nothing Sometimes a callback is simply standing … Continue reading

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If the Pants Fit

To those of us that have never truly delved into the fashion world, there are actually a variety of types of pants, each requiring their own set of fashion rules regarding shoes. Though this may seem arbitrary to some, the … Continue reading

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Male Modeling Specifications

If you’re a guy looking to get into male modeling, know that there is a demand. Though there are some basic requirements set forth in terms of general look and size, the “requirements” are more loose guidelines than they are … Continue reading

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Acing Your Voice-Over Audition

Nerves are rough during auditions but are the worst when it comes to voice work and singing. Your breath becomes shallow, your mouth goes dry and it seems as if your diaphragm will never settle again. Don’t fret! Even with … Continue reading

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