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Comp Card Measurements

Though measurements are a must in the modeling world, it may come as a surprise that so many individuals simply don’t know how to take accurate measurements. Don’t be one of those. Here are the basics. Getting Started For reliable … Continue reading

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How to Cry on Cue

It’s the dream of every actor. Not a single role goes by where a good tear couldn’t make the moment even better, especially on camera. While not all actors can let loose when told, it’s a skill that certainly comes … Continue reading

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Different Mascara Wands for Different Looks

There are a lot of mascara brushes out there. From the usual straight wand to balls and curves, choosing the right one has never been so confusing. Fret no more. Here’s the down low on what to choose when deciding … Continue reading

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Mistakes to Avoid as a New Model

To err, human. We all make mistakes. That doesn’t give you an excuse to make mistakes that professionals warn about time and time again. Educate yourself on the modeling industries top beginner blunders so you can appear more professional than … Continue reading

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Parent 101

What to Expect When your Child Enters the Entertainment Industry Child stars are introduced to the world every day. Some fizzle out while other manage to maintain healthy lives. Behind all of this madness are the parents. Whether driven mad … Continue reading

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