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2017 Summer Fashion

With the cool of spring quickly burning off, it’s time to prep for those lazy summer days with the trends that will be making their way across the world. Seasonal Stripes It’s no secret that beach manufacturers love stripes. From … Continue reading

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Acting Warm Ups

As an actor, it is your job to be ready physically and vocally for the roles you take on. After all, your paycheck comes from your ability to embody a wide number of characters on a daily basis. Like any … Continue reading

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The Model Model

Achieving a model body is possible for anyone so long as you are willing to put in the time and hard work required. Luckily, that’s the biggest challenge since the recipe for an incredible body is straight forward. Weights As … Continue reading

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Market Basics

In any line of work, from business to art, understanding your ideal market and how to find it is a major key to unlocking success. While the execution of finding this niche can be nebulous, having at least a small … Continue reading

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