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Decoding Acting

Of all the artistic industries, acting is one of the most prolific when it comes to inventing terms to describe oddities only found on the stage. This is hardly surprising, however, since so much of their livelihood revolves around playing … Continue reading

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Decoding Modeling

To understand an industry, one must first understand its language. Though most newcomers are slowly introduced to these terms as they work longer in the field, there is still a beginner’s hump to overcome where everything you read or hear … Continue reading

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Dinner Dash

It is inevitable. No matter how clean we keep our diets at home, we will be forced to eat out at some point. Maybe we’re traveling for auditions. Maybe we’re on location completing a job. No matter, there is no … Continue reading

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Fall Trends 2016

And with that first cold snap, summer is quickly giving way to fall. Alongside the changing leaves, the rerelease of classic coffee drinks and the preparation for the overwhelming holiday season comes this year’s fall fashion. Hot off the runway, … Continue reading

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