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Fish Scales in Lipsticks

Fish scales have a pearly quality to them which is why they are used as a common ingredient in various shimmery makeup, including lipstick! If slathering on fish scales just isn’t your thing, here are our top three choices from … Continue reading

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What Do These Acting Terms Mean?

“On Bells” means silence on the set because sound is recording “Dubbing to Dub” means to insert your words in the soundtrack against the action or lips “Speed” is a word spoken by the soundman, to indicate film and tape … Continue reading

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An Actor’s Physical Type

An actor’s “type” is essentially a combination of their personality and external physical appearance. It’s what would be considered their character type or persona based almost entirely on first impressions. People involved with casting are in the business of searching … Continue reading

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Fashion Icon of the Month

Angelina Jolie’s minimalist fashion look is by far our favorite look! Her everyday look of slim fitting black slacks, black ballet flats, neutral tees and black sweater is elegant, classy and effortless. Angelina is a true example of ‘less is … Continue reading

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