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Fancify Your Button-Down

Dresses are expected evening wear. Go for the surprise, and make crisp button-down acceptable nighttime attire. A full skirt and fancy flats help the look to feel dressed up without being stuffy.

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We LOVE! The site is an invaluable resource for aspiring actors and working actors. You can read about acting news, interviews, acting tips, acting resources and actor blogs. All of the information is current, relevant and very, very helpful.

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Do You Have A Shoe Addiction?

We bet you love shoes as much as we do and we never pass up a shoe sale. Read on for a few things we bet you never knew about the shoes you wear all the time! Men were the … Continue reading

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Basic Vocal Warm Up For Auditions

At your next audition, try this simply version of a vocal warm-up. Squeeze the muscles in your face tight. This includes your eyes and lips. After holding for a beat or two, release your muscles, open your eyes and mouth … Continue reading

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