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Double-Cleanse Your Skin – The Asian Way of Cleansing & Makeup Removal

We think the Asian way of cleansing one’s skin can teach us a lot! The Asians are famous for having beautiful clear skin. Double cleansing is exactly what it says. You cleanse your skin twice. The first time around you … Continue reading

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Model Competition

Competition in modeling is unique in that it is often one-on-one, more visible, and that repeated rejection can take its toll on a model’s confidence. A potential professional model expects to be a little insecure when she/he is first starting … Continue reading

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Summer Beach Defense

Our annual summer reminder of protecting your skin has found a no mess solution that will keep you excuse free! It’s Neutrogena Beach Defense Water + Sun Barrier Stick with SPF 50! ($10.99 at your local drug store). We strongly … Continue reading

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Trendy Crop Tops For Summer

The crop top isn’t a new trend; it’s been around since 2009! The reason for its longevity as a trend is because it isn’t for everyone. As a trend, the crop top and its variations, including the tube top, isn’t … Continue reading

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Our Top 3 Model Picks For Summer Beauty

FRINGE BENEFITS: Constantly bending your lashes with a curler can cause them to fall out faster. This new curling mascara by Physician’s Formula Organic Wear CC Curl + Mascara ($10) let you skip that extra step while protecting your lashline. … Continue reading

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