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Actor Categories

PRINCIPAL ACTOR:  The actor who has the main role, or lead actor. CONTRACT ACTOR:  An actor who is hired for a specific period of time only. SUPPORTING ACTOR:  An actor who is not the lead actor. DAY PLAYER:  An actor … Continue reading

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What Is Foundation Primer?

Foundation primer smoothes your skin, extends coverage, minimizes pores and blemishes, absorbs oil with salicylic acid and often times offers camouflage to skin problems. If you want an ultra-professional look, use a primer! Primer is applied over moisturizer and under … Continue reading

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Really Cool & Inexpensive Beauty Tips!

HONEY will soothe a curling iron burn! Be sure to apply a first aid cream afterwards to prevent an infection. Apply CLEAR MASCARA over your brows before tweezing. The mascara makes it easy to grab one hair at a time … Continue reading

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Professional Modeling Height Requirements

High Fashion/Editorial Model: Female:  5’8 – 6’0 Male:  5’11 – 6’1 Commercial Print Model: Female:  5’7 – 5’8 Male:  5’11 – 6’1 Petite Model: Female:  5’5 – 5’8 Plus-Size Model: Female:  5’8 – 6’2 Big & Tall Male Model: Minimum … Continue reading

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Lip Care & Lip Balms

Now that winter has taken its toll on our lips, it’s time to start nurturing our kissers back to health! Chapped and dry lips are embarrassing and very unattractive. The most common reasons of cracked lips are habitual licking and … Continue reading

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