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What Is A Monologue?

A monologue is one person talking (unlike a scene which is two or more people talking). A monologue is the oldest form of acting, dating back to the Greeks, over 2,500 years ago! A monologue is not a whole play … Continue reading

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What Is Runway Modeling?

Runway modeling is a visual art form for presenting line, motion and attitude. The goal is to bring to life, using the ultimate representation of poise, posture and natural expressions.  It’s an art that, in one single presentation sells, entertains, … Continue reading

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Tattoos and Modeling

Tattoos are not something you want to get if you are really serious about a modeling career and even an acting career. Yes, tattoos can be covered up with makeup and airbrushed. However, it makes the job more difficult and … Continue reading

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Spring Fashion Trends 2011

Spring sees a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s!  This Spring, the clothing styles accentuate your curves and femininity. Bold, bright colors such as pink, orange, purple, turquoise, neon yellow, lime and emerald green (not necessarily worn all together!) If … Continue reading

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