Beyond JC

Put your newly learned skills to use and continue you modeling and acting industry experience. You may wish to contact one of affiliate agencies for assistance in booking short-term modeling or acting bookings.

John Casablancas graduates enjoy the option of becoming a part of a national network of modeling and talent agencies, with offices in their home town and around the country. The affiliated John Casablancas agencies represent some of the country's top talent, working with nationally recognized and local clients in the fashion, film, television, print, runway and promotional industries.

This network of agencies has the unique advantage of being able to service clients' needs in multiple markets simultaneously. Graduates of certain John Casablancas programs are welcomed into their local agency and enjoy the unique benefit of being represented by this network. If a graduate transfers to another city that has a John Casablancas affiliated agency, they will be accepted into that agency as well. Talent that achieves success beyond their local market will have the advantage of working with agencies, managers and casting directors throughout the world.