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John Casablancas brought out confidence in my children, not only in their everyday life but also in front of the camera! John Casablancas has enhanced their personality and given them a tremendous amount of self-confidence! The program is a "must" take program if you want your child to have self-esteem and explore the modeling and acting business! - Monique/Hartford JC

My daughter thought her training was really great! She learned so much about herself and how to be a better person. - Julie/Atlanta JC

I was really pleased to see my daughter have such a good experience with this program. I especially like the segment her instructor did on the acting industry. Definitely useful information that would be hard to come by, but having a connection like this through a well educated and experienced instructor was most helpful. Thank you very much. - Phil/Boston JC

At an early age, my son started looking forward to an acting career. When we enrolled our son at John Casablancas, he started to develop confidence in himself, his maturity increased unexpectedly! John Casablancas has the best acting school. The staff at John Casablancas is superb. I am sure that if I know someone looking for an acting school, I will, with all my heart, recommend John Casablancas as they have the best training for acting and modeling - Noel/Los Angeles JC

My daughter has been attending John Casablancas and has matured a lot. She is more ladylike and she knows how to put on her make-up correctly. She is very happy at John Casablancas and she says she likes it a lot. The teachers really know what they are doing! I'm very pleased on how my daughter has grown and matured and learned so much from John Casablancas. - Betty/Miami JC

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