Life Skills

Learning the Life Skills that will give your son or daughter an advantage over their peers is a gift that will pay dividends for the rest of their life. Life Skills are what make us unique and offer an advantage that not even education will overcome. We all know people that are highly educated and not very successful. We also know people that may not have the best education but they have achieved tremendous success and personal happiness.

What is the difference?   It is the individual's Life Skills

What are Life Skills?

All of these Life Skills are important to any talent working in the entertainment industry but they are critical in working in the business or social world as well.

The gift of self-confidence is one that will always be there no matter where life leads. We are proud of our entertainment success at John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center but we are equally proud of the gift of Life Skills that we teach to everyone that comes through our doors. Teaching Life Skills is the greatest achievement we can give to any young person involved with the JC Centers.

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