Online Audition

Do you follow what's hot in fashion trends?
 Not really
 I live for it
Have you seen models in magazines or actors on TV and thought "I could do that!"
 All the time
 Once or twice
 No way!
How comfortable are you performing in front of others?
 Totally comfortable
 A few butterflies
Do you enjoy having your picture taken?
 Not really
 I love it
Would your family be supportive if you pursued a career in modeling or acting?
 You bet
 Not really
 We'll see
How important do you think style is?
 Not very
 Pretty important
 Style is everything
Would you rather be...?
 In a magazine
 On TV
 On the radio
 All of the above
Have you ever been told that you should be a model or an actor?
 A few times
 I tell myself that every day
You're Almost Done!