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John Casablancas was a great educational experience. I achieved all my goals, including making new friends, and developed my confidence. I would definitely recommend John Casablancas to anyone interested in breaking into the acting and modeling business. - Briza/Milwaukee JC

The acting classes at John Casablancas helped me become more confident. The teachers taught me skills to become successful not only in life but in my acting career. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a successful actor. - Richard/Los Angeles JC

My classes at John Casablancas were unbelievable! I never thought I would learn so much. I now have the confidence and know-how to enter the business because I have a competitive-edge over others! - Deborah/Denver JC

John Casablancas was a great experience for me because it taught me a lot about myself. Most importantly, it taught me to not be afraid to follow my dreams. - Adriana/Hartford JC

I learned the knowledge and tools needed to help launch my modeling/acting career from my instructors - they helped bring things out of me that I didn't even know I had. I would not have realized my strengths had I not taken classes at John Casablancas. Thanks for a job well done! - Ray/Seattle JC

I love John Casablanca's! All the instructors are so helpful. I made so many friends there. I learned a lot, like what I needed to work on and what I was doing right. I love how they make everything so fun but yet you learn so much. If anyone ever asks me what I liked about John Casablanca's my answer would go on forever. She knows every single one of her students by first name. She greets you as you walk in. The stylist and photographer are also very helpful they are probably the best stylist and photographers you will EVER meet! I am so glad my mom found John Casablanca's before she found anything else. I love going to classes, I learn, have fun, and so much more. Anyone would be crazy to not want to go here for modeling and acting. I went there for modeling at first now I also like acting. I would gladly go here again and recommend this school to anyone who asked. - Cheyenne/Cincinnati JC

It's a journey. My original goal was to learn how to present myself, but with the help of the staff and their hands on training, they have opened up a world of opportunity to me. The staff has been very honest and upfront, and have worked hard to prepare me for each step of my current path and the road ahead. Through their willingness to help me I have experienced a change both inward and outward. Thank you JC! - Kendal/Cincinnati JC

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