Standard Poses and Curves

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Basic Stance

Place weight on left foot at 45 degrees from camera, place right heel two inches in front of the left foot, with toe pointing towards camera. By moving the right foot in a large arc, variations are obtained.

Basic Sports Stance

Basic sports stance: Legs are apart, weight is distributed evenly on each foot, and toes are pointing out or ahead. Hip and shoulder movement provide the variations.


One leg is bent sharply to the side. The other is on a diagonal line followed by the bust. For variation, place weight on the straight leg, with body following, lift heel of bent leg.


Broken Body Line

Head is tilted to the right, legs to the left or vice versa.

Curved Body Line

The head and legs are tilted in the same direction.

Vertical Body Line

Create a straight line through the head, bust and right leg using arms and facial expression for variations.


Obtuse Angle

Good to show a lot of fashion; the angle of the bust line and thigh line is more than 90 degrees.

Right Angle

Place knees together while sitting at edge of chair.

Acute Angle

Bust line and upper leg line are held at less than 90 degrees. One leg may be stretched. Be careful that in this position the garment doesn't look too wrinkled.

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