Picture Perfect

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Photos are the chief marketing tool for any model. Follow these key strategies to look picture perfect for your portfolio. The key is to look as natural as possible. Simplicity is the best approach.

  1. Wear minimal make-up or none at all; depending on the type of photo.
  2. Make sure your fingernails are clean, trimmed short and should have no polish or clear polish.
  3. Don't wear hats, scarves or bandanas. The Agents or Mangers may wonder what you are trying to hide.
  4. Your hair should be clean and natural. No drastic colors or creative up-dos.
  5. Jewelry is a big distraction - don't wear any.
  6. Wear plain outfits for headshots, profile shots and three-quarter shots.
  7. If wearing a swimsuit, be conservative (no Speedos or thongs), and wear a solid color. It is best not to wear shoes.

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