Modeling Terms

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A commercial booking (for print advertising). Pays a model's full rate.


The American Federation of Television & Radio Artists is the union for television and radio performers.

Art Director

Artist and coordinator who creates the layouts for ads or magazines. Gives a general idea of what models and photographers should produce and oversees the photo sessions.


The apprentice photographer who assists in the studio and dark room.


Basic accessories that a model takes to a booking.


A portfolio containing a selection of the model's photos or tear sheets.

Booker/Booking Agent

The person in a model agency who handles the bookings, go-sees and castings for a model.


A job assignment.

Booking Out

When a model is unavailable for work due to personal time off.

Booking Sheet

A diary-like sheet on which all assignments for a model are recorded by the agency.

Call Back

A second interview.


An interview or audition for a job to select a model to represent the image or product being advertised or shown.

Casting Director

The person who arranges the selection of models for the client to interview for the booking.

Cattle Call or Group Go-See

When a client requests interviews with several models at the same time, of which someone can be chosen for a booking. Group Go-See is a nicer term.


Ads that appear on television.


Any individual or organization employing the use of a model.


A percentage of the model's fee required as payment for the model agency's service.


A card featuring photographs and vital statistics of a model.


When a model has worked for two or more similar clients or products.


Photographic proofs supplied by a photographer from which the best photos are chosen.

Day Rate

The fee that a model receives for a single booking that lasts all day.


Print work for a model commissioned directly by the magazine. Usually a much lower rate than advertising, but highly prestigious.


The trying-on of clothes to determine proper fit before a booking.


A model's interview for a specific job or to introduce herself and show her book.


A reproduction of a photograph printed on glossy paper to be sent to clients. Usually a headshot. Used more for commercial clients or new models.


A selection of headshots of models represented by an agency, which is sent to clients.


A close up photograph of a model's head and shoulders.


A booking not photographed in a studio.

Mother Agent

The first agency a model joins.

Open Call

A general type sought by a casting director for a TV commercial. Sometimes called a cattle-call or group go-see.


When a client holds a model's time before confirming the booking.

Photo Shoot

A model's photo session with a photographer.

Point-of-Purchace Fee

An additional fee paid to the model for billboards, continuous usage, packages, counter cards, etc.


A model's book of photos and tear sheets.


A model's hourly fee.


A contract signed when a model finishes a booking releasing the use of the photos as the client sees fit.


Fee paid to the model for repeat usage of a commercial. Rates are governed by AFTRA and SAG.


Screen Actors Guild, the union for TV and film performers.

Service Fee

A fee charged to the client by an agency for its services.


Fashion show work.


The person that organizes the clothes, accessories and sets, for a photographic booking or fashion show.


A page "torn" from a magazine depicting a model's work, included in her portfolio.


Photos taken of a new or experienced model to gain experience and expertise in front of the camera, to build up her portfolio or reinvent her look.

Tote Bag

A bag containing a model's basics and makeup.


A booking done on location for more than a few days.


The model's invoice submitted to the agency after the booking.

Voucher System

A system by which some agencies pay their models before the agency receives the money from the client.

Weather Permit

A booking that is not confirmed until the client sees that the weather is suitable for shooting.

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