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What Is An Actor’s Reel?

A ‘reel’ is a compilation of clips from an actor’s body of film and/or television work that shows them at their acting best. Reels can be posted to online casting services in addition to the actor’s headshot and resume or … Continue reading

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Women’s Shapewear

All women (especially models and actresses) want a smooth line under their clothes. And, many will go to any extreme to get that line-free, smooth appearance. Shapewear couldn’t do its job if it wasn’t tight. Unfortunately, this leaves your stomach, … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire/Long Dialogue For Actors

Many TV commercials present slice-of-life scenarios in which the actors engage in naturally flowing dialogue. In some instances, however, a spokesperson for a product in a commercial will have the task of cramming a great deal of factual, descriptive information … Continue reading

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Do You Know What’s In Your Makeup?

According to the FBI, the sale of counterfeit personal care products is on the rise! These knock-off cosmetics (including perfume) are loaded with bacteria or laced with carcinogenic elements like arsenic, beryllium and cadmium. The knock-off perfumes may contain carcinogen … Continue reading

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What Is A Television Pilot?

A “television pilot” is a standalone episode of a TV series that is used to sell the show to a television network. It is a test episode of an intended TV series. Each summer, the major American TV networks receive … Continue reading

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How To Save Money At The Dry Cleaners

Going to the dry cleaners each week has proved too expensive! In order to minimize your dry cleaning bill, you need to take proper care of your clothes. Take the extra time to hang every piece of clothing immediately after … Continue reading

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Meet Diesel’s Awesome, Unconventional New Spokesmodel

It started, like most things, on Facebook. Jillian Mercado, a 26-year-old fashion blogger with a condition called spastic muscular dystrophy, spotted a casting call for models on Diesel’s Facebook page and decided to throw her hat in the ring. Cut … Continue reading

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Modeling – What a great word! But just what does it mean?! Everyone will have their own definition, idea, and perception of what modeling is or what they believe it to be, however, I simplify it to really one concept. … Continue reading

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Carefully dust loose face powder on your lashes BEFORE curling them. Then, apply mascara, wait 10 minutes for it to dry and then curl them again. The eye-opening effect is magic!

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Static Hair Beauty Tip

Rub a small amount of coconut oil between the palms of your hands and lightly pat down the top of your head. This will tame flyaways and hydrate your hair without leaving it greasy looking.

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