Rapid Fire/Long Dialogue For Actors

Rapid Fire/Long Dialogue For ActorsMany TV commercials present slice-of-life scenarios in which the actors engage in naturally flowing dialogue. In some instances, however, a spokesperson for a product in a commercial will have the task of cramming a great deal of factual, descriptive information into a tight commercial format. Some of these scripts might be short and ‘rapid-fire’, while others might contain a lot of informative dialogue for the actor to handle.

It can be daunting at first to take on these types of scripts. These scripts require the same familiar method of analysis as other commercial copy. The same methods of rehearsal will apply. The difference here is the importance of picking up the pace, and learning to be comfortable with the quick flow of dialogue.

Remember, practice out loud! This will help you to discover the appropriate pacing and rhythm, and allow you to become comfortable with the language in the script.

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  1. christopher lewis says:

    yes always say the words outload.plus I learned to kept writing it down that helps too.

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